Miranda IM v0.4

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News del 13 Aprile 05 Autore: RostoR
Miranda IM v0.4
Si tratta di un client per gestire molti account di messaggistica istantanea, molto conosciuto compatibile con quasi tutti i programmi di questa tipologia:Cambiamenti in questa versione: v0.4 Bugfixes: - Crashes after warning about unsuccessful search - ESC doesn't work in User Detail - Phrases with leading and trailing spaces not translateable - Incorrect Local time in Userinfo - CheckDlgButton didn't draw correctly if used after creation in button control - Offline users weren't always shown in Typing Notify Options - Ctrl+w closes message window - Moving a group outside the CLC causes a crash - Crash translating a menu - Scrollbar still appeared sometimes if XP skinning was enabled - Contact list control read-disk-on-paint bugs - Many database bug fixes (crashes, corruption) - Crash opening Find/Add dialog - No & sign in the Open File button on the File Transfer window - Visual defect in "OptionsContact ListIcons" when Expert options unchecked - AIM: Removing user from deny list didn't always update mode in Miranda - AIM: Fixed file transfers with Mac users - ICQ: Error alert blocked I/O - ICQ: Newly added contact with privacy setting is not hidden anymore - ICQ: Offline messages are no longer received older than existing ones - ICQ: Fixed authorisation reply - ICQ: Fixed contact transfer ack - ICQ: Now parses URL send ack correctly, no more timeout - ICQ: Now sending ack on contacts receive - ICQ: Fixed crash on receiving long message through P2P - MSN: Connection/login fixes - IRC: Many bug fixes - Yahoo: Much cleaner/better/stable codeEnhancements: - Database and contact list control moved to plugins - Relative paths for icons, sounds, and contact list background - Scroll through past messages with ctrl+up/dn in message window - New idle module to handle autoaway and protocol idleness - Pin to desktop option in Window options - Dim idle contacts option - Use windows colours option for contact list - New status bar options (hide bevel, hide gripper) - Database I/O improvements - Option to hide vertical scroll bar - Opening a URL blocked I/O - AIM: Show mobile users as 'on the phone' - MSN: Sending/receiving avatar support - MSN: Peer to peer support - ICQ: Added avatar tab to user-details dialog to show avatar - ICQ: My user-details now show more information & added idle since to ICQ tab - ICQ: Added full unicode message support (requires SRMM Unicode) - ICQ: Added support for sending and receiving Idle time - ICQ: Added reliable client identification - ICQ: Added support for avatar images (downloading & uploading). - ICQ: Added Grant authorisation option (send & recognize) - IRC: Support for secured connections using OpenSSL - IRC: Support for CTCP and DCC filetransfers and chats - IRC: New graphical user interface using Chat plugin - Jabber: Unicode support - Yahoo: Better Unicode support - Yahoo: New Buddy Search - Yahoo: File Transfer support - Yahoo: Stealth support (Yahoo v6 visibility list) - Yahoo: Idle support - Yahoo: Avatar support (retrieval only) 9 Aprile 2005
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: Kb 994

OS: win9x/Me/NT/2K/XP

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