Microsoft Windows Security Center: The Voice of Security for Windows Vista

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News del 08 Ottobre 06 Autore: Alberto
La sicurezza è uno dei cardini fondamentali del nuovo Windows Vista; questo documento ne analizza i vari aspetti.Windows® Security Center (WSC) is a comprehensive security status reporting console that enables Windows Vista™ customers to understand the ongoing security state of their computer, and provides a method for third-party ISVs to evaluate the current security state of the system. Microsoft Corp first introduced WSC in Windows XP Service Pack 2 and has enhanced its capabilities in Windows Vista based on customer and ISV feedback. Windows Security Center collects information from Microsoft® Windows and third-party security components designed to protect users from computer threats. To provide users with a higher degree of security protection, Windows Security Center now reports the status of security components and provides the capability for direct remediation of unsafe settings for both Windows components and third-party security solutions. Windows Security Center for Windows Vista Microsoft has enhanced WSC in Windows Vista to provide a more integrated experience with other Vista security features and third-party security solutions. As in Windows XP SP2, Windows Security Center for Windows Vista runs as a background process that monitors the security state of a computer. Microsoft has increased the security categories monitored by WSC beyond internet firewall, Automatic Updates and anti-virus to include malware protection, which monitors anti-spyware status, and a new category for other security settings, which monitors internet security settings and User Account Control.8 Ottobre 2006
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