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News del 24 Settembre 05 Autore: RostoR
Potentissimo programma con molte funzioni interessanti proprio per la difesa da " untrusted users and malicious software, safeguard system resources, and enhance and simplifjy the user experience." leggete qui sotto le caratteristiche:The Toolkit includes several command-line tools and the following graphical tools: Getting Started. Provides access to computer settings and utilities and helps first-time operators learn the Toolkit basics quickly. Windows Disk Protection. Protects the Windows partition (typically drive C) that contains the Windows operating system and other programs from being modified without administrator approval. Disk changes made are cleared with each restart unless the administrator chooses to save them. User Restrictions. Restricts user access to programs, settings, and Start menu items. The tool also allows you to lock shared local user profiles to prevent permanent changes. (This tool is specifically for use in workgroup environments that do not use Active Directory and Group Policy. A Group Policy template is also included for use in Active Directory environments.) Profile Manager. Creates and deletes user profiles. You can use this tool to create user profiles on alternative drives that will retain data and settings even though Windows Disk Protection is on. You can also use the tool to completely delete profiles that have been locked by the User Restrictions tool. Accessibility. Makes Windows accessibility options and utilities such as StickyKeys, FilterKeys, and Magnifier available to users who have been restricted from accessing Control Panel and other system settings. 19 Settembre 2005
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