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News del 11 Luglio 07 Autore: Alberto

Aperto un nuovo portale Microsoft per la sicurezza.


Some of the features you asked for and we included are:

·         Access to our malware encyclopedia. 

o        When you need to do some research on a particular threat or family you can search or browse our encyclopedia and get the details we’ve written about on it.

·         Download our antivirus and/or our antispyware signatures. 

o        We recommend updating daily, the products will do it for you, BUT if want you can do it yourself for the Forefront client or Windows Defender products  both the 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

·         Threat and Potentially Unwanted Software Telemetry. 

o        The portal provides information on the top threats and potentially unwanted software that we are observing and that’s being reported to us by YOU. Each top ten category  provides links to read up on those listed

·         Tools and Resources. 

o        We have a collection of links to tools and resources that we think can be useful and interesting to you including blogs and the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

·         Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. 

o        And of course no blog would be complete without me mentioning the SIR, we have a page dedicated to hosting the various reports we produce: 



Fonte: Anti-Malware Engineering Team
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