Messenger Plus v2.017

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News del 05 Febbraio 03 Autore: Steve3000
Messenger Plus v2.017
Nuova release per Messenger Plus! 2, uno dei pochi addons per MSN 4.xx e 5.xx con ottime features e che non ti manda in palla tutto Novità: - Big bug fixed (could be considered as a new feature) : you can now mix as many emoticons as you want with as many multi-format tags as you want and everything will be displayed fine! I'm sure a lot of people will be happy, including people that want to use multi-format tags in their nickname. - Auto-update feature debugged. - You can use Messenger 3.6 even if Messenger Plus! 2.00 is installed. - Added registry option to diplay AM/PM time with Personalised Away message. - Uninstaller is more carefull when deleting files. Also, it properly removes your Messenger Plus! preferences from the registry now. - New invisible feature added to ensure that Messenger starts AFTER Messenger Plus! when Windows starts. - You can now use special tags with commands. - Added an option to auto-save logs at a specified interval. By default it is 30 minutes (if you're paranoid, you can put this value to 1 minute). - Logs are properly saved even when the file is originally read-only. - Always On Top option in Messenger is never removed automatically for nothing. - No more crash when Messenger 5 can't be properly hooked in Windows XP. - Messenger 5 / XP compatibility improved. - In the log files, the Session start date should be always good now. - Personalised Away little improvements: when already in this mode, going to the Perso Away screen again displays the current text to allow quick corrections. Also, you can switch from one perso-away mode (using shortcuts) to another without having to put yourself back online before. - Added a very simple easter egg... just some kind of credits. I wanted that for a long time.
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