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News del 06 Giugno 12 Autore: Gianplugged
MediaMonkey è un ottimo player multimediale che può sincronizzarsi con i modelli più recenti di smartphone, compresi iPhone e Android e con tutti i modelli più più recenti di iPod.


Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] AccurateRip 2 support
Fixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip verification fails when ´Jitter corrected read´ is selectedFixed [Burning / Disc Handling] Update quicktime filter license
Fixed [Conversion/Leveling] Wrong aspect ratio after converting MPEG1/2 file (e.g. to AVI/XVid)
Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] iTunes Data Import doesn´t work (for non-default iTunes config)
Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Locations Deletion in Entire Tree Node --> crash
Fixed [DB/FileMonitor] Some tracks always show in unsync Tags (replay gain decimal issue)
Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] LG blu-ray players always show folders as Empty when served content via uPnP
Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] Samsung TV cannot play AVI served by MediaMonkey
Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP Playback can cause double play counts
Fixed [DLNA/UPnP] PS3 playback is interrupted for low kbps tracks
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Alt hotkey doesn´t work with Label controls
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Duplicate section added to the Scripts.ini file at every install
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBTreeNode.Caption returns empty string for Unknown nodes in Publisher and Parental Rating branches
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] RelatedObjectID is incorrect for some folders
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Nodes with Script.RegisterEvent OnFillTracks don´t display covers in Art Browser with Details
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] It is not possible to use both "old" and "new" methods for registering events for same node
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Running Auto-Tag from Web from Properties dialog scripts fail
Fixed [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Script cannot add a node under Web node (regression)
Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Changes in tags are sometimes not written to DB
Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Auto-Tag from Filename sometimes does not work well for unicode filenames and artist field.
Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Saving MP3 tags corrupts embedded albumart for some files.
Fixed [Framework: Tagging] Album art inserted by copy & paste of bitmap isn´t recognized by some devices
Fixed [Help] Wrong webhelp link
Added [Install/Config] Add AppMutex to setup (to prevent installation/uninstallation while MM is running)
Added [Install/Config] Install framework: allow multiple branded versions to run simultaneously
Fixed [Install/Config] Autoplay actions don´t work (regression)
Fixed [Main Panel] Art Browser doesn´t allow clicking on an Album on node refresh
Fixed [Main Panel] After editing Properties files are grouped wrong in Art & Details view
Fixed [Main Panel] Tooltips fail to show if only links in Filelisting obscures the field
Fixed [Main Panel] Album Art View with Details: albums can show up twice
Fixed [Main Panel] Double-clicks on the empty Art Browser -> list index out of bounds (0) AV error
Fixed [Main Panel] Tabs don´t remember scroll position independently
Fixed [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Sleep volume doesn´t fade properly
Fixed [Other] Files ripped with "Verify ripped tracks" option have some strange extra bytes apended to the data
Fixed [Other] Some video doesn´t play properly, other players play it ok
Fixed [Other] User can access options in Party Mode
Fixed [Player] Some WAV files with longer path/filename do not play on some systems
Fixed [Player] MiniPlayer Always on Top setting should be available on MiniPlayer itself
Fixed [Playlist / Search] Search including OR throws SQL error in Quick Search
Fixed [Playlist / Search] Sort order incorrect for auto-playlists in art view with "Grouping" enabled
Fixed [Podcasts] Incomplete download errors aren´t reported (regression)
Fixed [Podcasts] The Libertarian Solution Radio Program Podcast fails
Fixed [Podcasts] getConnected Radio Podcast fails
Fixed [Podcasts] non-standard characters displayed incorrectly in Podcast
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tracks unassigned to albums get assigned arbitrary album art
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Tag From WEB: Invalid Unicode Detection
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web returns No result was found
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Renaming Artist Node causes the node to disappear until a Refresh is triggered (regression)
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] <Added> auto-organize mask uses Today when files were added today
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] Copy/Paste of Artwork from Firefox 12 fails
Fixed [Properties/Auto-Tools] ´Add image´: incorrect workflow and tags wrong track
Fixed [Reports/Scripts] Create reports > File list (XML) assigns all Artist IDs to 0
Added [Synchronization] Support for iOS 5
Added [Synchronization] Support for iPad 3
Added [Synchronization] Remove dependencies on Quicktime for iOS sync
Fixed [Synchronization] iTunes tries to restore device synced by MediaMonkey for iTouch 3rd gen
Fixed [Synchronization] iOS device can be identified incorrectly in the tree
Fixed [Synchronization] User should be able to check what type of playlist synced to device
Fixed [Synchronization] Device sync task doesn´t terminate immediatelly
Fixed [Synchronization] Sync dialog corruption in exclusion folders list
Fixed [Synchronization] Manually deleting a playlist from an iOS device fails to remove tracks
Fixed [Synchronization] Disconnecting iPhone while scanning freezes UI for 20 seconds
Fixed [Synchronization] Disconnecting iPod Touch can crash MediaMonkey
Fixed [Synchronization] iPod Touch Sync can crash MediaMonkey
Fixed [Synchronization] Video conversion doesn´t respect priority Performance setting
Fixed [Synchronization] MTP performance can be very slow in some cases
Fixed [Synchronization] Playing files from some devices connected over MTP doesn´t work
Fixed [Synchronization] MM fails to start because of d_iPhone.dll for some users
Fixed [Tracklist] Art & Details view: Albums are split in some cases of a very large tracklist
Fixed [Tracklist] Art Browser view: high CPU utilization
Fixed [Virtual CD cache / Preview] AccurateRip verification result is not shown for tracks on Virtual CD
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Categoria: Multimedia e Burning

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 14.4 MB

OS: Windows

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