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News del 27 Aprile 09 Autore: Gianplugged
MediaMonkey Beta

* M4A Can´t be Imported on XP x64
* Album Art view doesn´t refresh with newly tagged Album Art
* Now Playing doesn´t have a default search mode
* Update Geiss to v4.28
* Auto-analysis freezes MM / Triggers AV on upgrade from 3.0 DB to 3.1 DB
* Fast clicking on playlists in MM tree can cause playlists to disappear (regression)
* Album art deletion fails on some tracks (regression)
* Refresh problem after volume leveling calculation (regression)
* Need "Cancel" for TOC read errors
* Stats report shows unused genres
* Expanding ´Title´ node can freeze MM for minutes on some systems
* Deleting playlists or adding a playlist causes deselection of ´Playlists´ in auto-sync configuration
* Automatic volume analysis re-analyzes podcasts with each new episode

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