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News del 11 Gennaio 09 Autore: Gianplugged

User can´t modify FilenameMappings
Options´ button on Extensions dialog doesn´t work in some cases
Encoder version info added to multiple incorrect fields (regression)
Need "Cancel" for TOC read errors
Search for exact text containing special characters doesn´t always work
MM can throw errorneous The directory %s cannot be created message.
Write ratings tags in a format that can be read by WMP/MP3 Tag
Forward/Backward history not saved properly
History should remember track selection
One-click rating works even if tracklist doesn´t have focus
Some characters don´t work in Amazon search
Clearing out the search bar doesn´t undo the search
WMA attribute WM/OriginalReleaseTime isn´t supported by MM
Searching for special chars like ´.´ no longer works with new full-text search engine.

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