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News del 18 Febbraio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Maxthon è un browser web con doppio motore di rendering: Trident (Internet Explorer) e WebKit (Chrome e Safari).

La sua principale caratteristica consiste nel cosiddetto Tabbed Browsing, cioè la capacità di poter aprire più pagine nella stessa finestra, resa famosa da altri browser come Opera o Firefox.

Originariamente il nome del browser era MyIE2. Con il rilascio della versione 1.0 il suo nome è stato modificato appunto in Maxthon.

Disponibile anche una versione portable ed una per Android.

Note di rilascio:

Hi, dear folks! Today, Maxthon is very thrilled to announce that the first final release of 4.2.2.X, V4.2.2.1000, is available for download.

This official release managed to fix bugs that occurs in the Beta and and, at the same time, provide users with new features focusing on browsing experience, such as “The Download Manager icon is placed into navigational bar”. Can´t wait for you guys to try out this amazing version. Thanks and don’t forget to share your opinion or ideas with us. - See more at:


New feature:

+ Download Manager icon is available in Quick Tools section
+ New interface of ‘Check for update’ window
+ Brand new installation program interface Optimizations:
* Improved core performance * Advanced high DPI display
* Underline effect on hyperlinked text
* No auto prompt ‘set Maxthon as default browser’ in Win8/8.1
* Download manager icon is added to Quick Tools section
* Advanced quick words display in address bar Fixes: [Main Frame]
* Deleting one item in the address bar drop-down list, the number of the remaining items display incorrectly
* A bug that two same paths appear when selecting the folder to store the downloaded files in download manager
* Unable to show avatar when there are special characters in system account name [Webkit Core]
* Subscribe and update RSS
* The bug that it is unable to show alert popup in webpage after minimizing the browser in XP system right click menu
* Reader Mode in certain pages display incorrectly
* Unable to open the webpage embedded with PDF file
* The bug that it is unable to send yahoo mails * Partial composing Error in certain webpages
* The last visited content in Maxthon Now- Maxthon Start Page may be different from the one in “about:last”
* page alert popup cannot be shown after minimizing the browser
* Blue line occurs in some HTML 5 player controls
* Visiting PDF files in ultra mode, no downloading prompt pops up
* A bug that the page scrolls when using shortcuts ‘Ctrl+C’ to copy
* Cursor pattern does not change when using mouse gesture to switch tabs - See more at:
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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 34.6 MB

OS: Windows

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