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News del 03 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Maxthon Beta
Maxthon è un browser web con doppio motore di rendering: Trident (Internet Explorer) e WebKit (Chrome e Safari).

La sua principale caratteristica consiste nel cosiddetto Tabbed Browsing, cioè la capacità di poter aprire più pagine nella stessa finestra, resa famosa da altri browser come Opera o Firefox.

Originariamente il nome del browser era MyIE2. Con il rilascio della versione 1.0 il suo nome è stato modificato appunto in Maxthon.

Disponibile anche una versione portable ed una per Android.


Hi guys,

Today we are so proud to release Maxthon Cloud Browser In this version, Maxthon screenshot supports win8 touch operation, CSS Filter GPU Acceleration and optimized Magic Fill in retro mode.

And guess what? Now you can download YouTube videos with Maxthon Sniffer.

What an amazing version!Can´t wait for you to try it.

Please take care and enjoy Maxthon Browser.

New Features:
+ Touch zooming and panning in win8
+ HTML5 online/ offline operation
+ Maxthon screenshot supports win8 touch operation
+ CSS Filter GPU Acceleration

* Significantly optimized browser start-up speed
* Smoothly typing experience in address bar
* Optimized interface loading performance
* Optimized Baidu electronic library and other webpages scrolling experience
* Optimized Magic Fill in retro mode

[Main Frame]
* Favorites bar display problems under high DPI  
* Some site icons display problems
* Some tabs Label width problems
* Language display error when uninstalling the browser

[Webkit Core]
* Drag & Drop did not work in some pages
* Css3 3d flip effect problems
* Some add proxy failure issues
* Authentication dialog box constantly pops up when accessing some websites
* Typing Chinese issue in some flash pages
* No title when proxy authentication dialog pops up
* A bug when using overlength URL
* Sniffer YouTube video did not work
* “Open” button changed to “Save” when uploading pictures to some pages
* Page blinking when adjusting the browser main window size
* Some video did not show floating button
* Optimized FileSystem support
* Improved Webkit core stability

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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 33.0 MB

OS: Windows

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