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News del 26 Marzo 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Maxthon Beta

Maxthon è un browser web che si appoggia al motore di rendering di Internet Explorer.

La sua principale caratteristica consiste nel cosiddetto Tabbed Browsing, cioè la capacità di poter aprire più pagine nella stessa finestra, resa famosa da altri browser come Opera o Firefox.

Originariamente il nome del browser era MyIE2. Con il rilascio della versione 1.0 il suo nome è stato modificato appunto in Maxthon.


# Additions
* Main Framework
- Added customize UI
- Added Navigation (URL Short Key & URL Alias)
- Added IE9 standard render mode in Retro Mode(available after install IE9)
- Enhanced Resource Sniffer, can download images andmedias on webpage
- Enhanced Data Import/Export, can export Favorite toIE
* Favorite
- Added Compact Mode for Favorite Bar
- Added Option for Multi-column Display Mode
* Skins
- Added Maxthon 2 skin
- Added IE6 skin
* Download Mgr
- Added support for 3rd party downloaders
* Options
- Added Cache Location in Advanced options (RestartRequired)
- Added Web Page Font in Advanced options (RestartRequired)

# Improvements
* Favorites
- Added overwrite confirmation when adding new
- Optimized Fav Mgr performance
* Magic Fill
- Added delete for Multi-identity dropdown menu

# Fixes
* Main Framework
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed problem that cannot type in Address Barsometimes
- Fixed problem that Maxthon 3 cannot be called upafter Tray Icon disappears under certain situations
- Fixed Shortcut Keys failure after continuouslylogging in and out
- Fixed a display problem of add new Fav dialoguewhen folder name is too long
- Fixed problem that Reload button not work afterCore crashes
* Webkit Core
- Fixed some crashes
- Fixed problem that the page will be closedautomatically when you click some special links
- Fixed problem that "not use proxy" listdoes not work for IP addresses using Socks4
- Fixed problem that Downloader may come up whenvisiting some sites
- Enhanced RSS analysis ability
- Fixed problem that folders with corrupt - codednames are created in Bin
* Trident Core
- Fixed problem that in Retro Mode, when hovered onFlash, middle - click scrolling not work
- Fixed problem that in Retro Mode, some images cannotbe displayed correctly
* Fav Mgr
- Fixed a Javascript error when dragging too fast
- Fixed some invalid problems with Recycle Bin
- Added missing error messages
- Fixed some display problems
- Fixed some invalid problems when dragging items
- Fixed an error when dragging an item fromleft-column to the same folder in right-column
- Fixed problem that when Fav Bar Display Folder isset in Guest account, this set will be lost after restart browser
- Fixed problem that browser will freeze when deletingmultiple items in Fav Mgr
* History Mgr
- Removed Older button when search result is listedin only one page
* Magic Fill
- Fixed problem that General Identity cannot fillusernames on some Pages
- Fixed problem that if manual - inputted usernamewas the same to General Identity, the latter would be filled by browser
- Fixed problem that save password in the right clickmenu is invalid on some pages
* Video Popup
- Fixed problem that Float Button cannot showafter exiting full - screen
- Fixed a window display problem
* Online Notepad
- Fixed problem that when selecting Font, defaultfont is different from the one in use
* AD Filter
- Fixed problem that when editing Blocking Rules, youcan only edit Rules of current browsing Site and cannot switch to another Site
* Developer Tools
- Fixed problem that DT cannot be brought for -grounded when clicked in Menu
- Fixed a crash problem when open DT from right -mouse menu
- Fixed problem that DT cannot dock to main browserwindow

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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Free

Dimensioni: 16.92 MB

OS: Windows

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