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News del 16 Maggio 07 Autore: Vlad
Maxthon RC2

Segnaliamo l´uscita della nuova Release Candidate di Maxthon 2, efficiente browser con il motore di Internet Explorer. Per maggiori informazioni sulle caratteristiche cliccare sul link di riferimento.


Maxthon RC2

+ Added File Sniffer (FLV file etc.), supports most websites
+ Optimized CPU usage in multi-thread mode (must enable Open Tabs in Separated Thread)
+ Added Multi-Search and Highlight to Search Bar
+ Improved Search Bar: Ctrl+Enter - Find in Page, Ctrl+Shift+Enter - Highlight, Shift+Enter - Multi-Search
+ Major changes on Tab Bar: Fully customizable, you can add and remove buttons on Tab Bar now
- Due to the changes of Tab Bar, Split Screen and Tab Manager features are temporary disabled
+ Added custom Useragent setting in Setup Center (Require restart)
+ Tabs of Collector can be arranged by drag&drop now
+ Some buttons supports right-click action now (Refresh and Stop, etc.)
+ Drag & Drop text and url to Address Bar and Search Bar will work fine now
+ Added "Copy URL" for menu items in Favorites Menu
+ Added "Open in New Tab" in Float Button
+ You can resize the Search Bar by drag it now
+ Right-click Web Toolbar button will show Tab List
+ Sidebar items can not be dragged out unless you hold the Ctrl key
+ In fullscreen mode, a Exit Fullscreen button will be shown on Tab Bar
+ Added Force Open Links in New Tab option in Setup Center
+ Added Hide Buttons in Sidebar title drop-down menu
+ Added Enable All and Disable All command in Auto-Refresh Menu of Tabs
+ Added several utilities in Plugin Bar
+ Added Maximum Favorites Menu Width setting in Setup Center
* Tab Bar will auto-flip when placed on bottom
* Improved New Tab button on Tab Bar: Left-click - New Tab, Right-click - Paste and Go
* Fixed several drawing problems on Tab Bar
* Sidebar moved below Tab Bar
* Items in Undo List will show their URLs on status bar
* Fixed Web Toolbar random move problem
* Added No Proxy settings in Proxy Manager
* Optimized performance when opening or closing a large number of tabs
* Favorites Bar Root Folder settings is also saved on the online Favorites server
* Fixed a Ad hunter related bug
* Fixed Last Vist Page List missing bug
* Fixed a bug which will crash the browser when too many Filter Packs are installed
* Fixed a problem the right-click menu won´t show up
* Fixed a bug that unexpected space character appears in search keywords
* Fxied Status Bar tooltip problem


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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 2,08 MB

OS: Win All

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