Maxthon RC3

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News del 14 Giugno 07 Autore: Ste
Maxthon RC3

Segnaliamo l´uscita della nuova Release Candidate di Maxthon 2, efficiente browser con il motore di Internet Explorer. Per maggiori informazioni sulle caratteristiche cliccare sul link di riferimento.


Maxthon RC3

New features:

  • Search History
  • Added "Arrange by Site" to tab context menu
  • Added "Fill form", "Save form" to web context menu, when right clicking input box.
  • Collector Service (Users could upload/download collector)
  • Restore Favorite (Favorite->More Actions->Restore Favorite)
  • Made it easier to drag HTML plugin on webbar
  • Click go also add URL to address history
  • CPU Saving menu (tools->CPU Saving),double click on page to disable it on current page
  • AdHunter menu (Tools->AdHunter)
  • High-light button can display state
  • Right click AdHunter button on status bar to enable or disable all filters
  • speed up
  • Hold Ctrl to bypass filtering current page
  • Float Ads blocker
  • Added an option to use IE find in page dialog
  • Added an option to show close button on all tabs on hover

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed separator problem under multi-column menu mode
  • Fixed images folder always be created problem
  • Fixed ´force open link in new tab´ only work after page complete problem
  • Fixed Could not Open local file problem (the last character was missing)
  • Fixed a bug that caused browser to crash when auto-run plugins
  • Fixed several RSS related internal bugs
  • Fixed the ´auto select´ did not work on webbar problem
  • And more bugs that were fixed...

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Categoria: P2P e Web

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 2,01 MB

OS: Win All

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