Mandriva 2010.2

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News del 23 Gennaio 11 Autore: Gianplugged
Mandriva 2010.2
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Mandriva announces the launch of the new version of Mandriva Linux 2010.2 based on its new product strategy, a one-year period between major releases.

Additionally, Mandriva will also release updated versions of its products on a periodic time on a 6-month basis.

Mandriva Linux 2010.2 is the first product following this new strategy. It is based on Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring (Mandriva Linux 2010.1) plus 5000+ updated and renewed packages!

Mandriva Linux 2010.2 is available in three editions:

- Powerpack (the full commercial edition, including exclusive commercial

software, support, and services),

- One (a live CD which can also be installed to the system permanently) and,

- Free (an edition which contains only free / open source software).

The full version, Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2010.2, can be ordered for download at the Mandriva Store, or you can buy a Powerpack subscription.

Mandriva Linux Powerpack 2010.2, for download, is available for 49 euros, or US$59.

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