MSN Controller 2.0

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MSN Controller 2.0
MSN Controller è un add-on per MSN Messenger che aggiunge alcune curiose features al più utilizzato programma di messaggistica istantanea.Caratteristiche
  • Change The MSN Security Text
  • Change The MSN Chat Text Limit Enables you to use 1200 characters in an IM window. This means that you can post longer messages in one time.
  • View Your Login Details Displays the email login + password stored on the computer MSN Controller is runned on.
  • MSN Contact List Manager Mennage your contact list. Export and copy of your contact's email and more.
  • Nickname Constructor Make yourself a cool looking nickname with the Nickname Constructor. You can even choose for a blank name.
  • Auto Responder Set auto messages that will be send everyone who sends you a message when you're gone, to lunch, busy or whatever you like.
  • Kick A Contact From MSN Kick contacts from MSN. Only works if they 're running a MSN version lower than 4.6.0082, the latest released to public.
  • Login popup message (the blue window when someone logs in) Allows you to show 4 loginwindows of MSN on your contact's computer with a text you've entered.
  • Mass Message Allows you to send a message to all users online. Nice to say 'Goodbye!' or 'hello!'.
  • Invisibility Become invisible, this means that you seem offline to your contacts, but you can still send them messages and talk to them.
  • Choose your skin Many skins are available for download. Try them all and tell us which is best!
  • Advertise MSN Controller 1.5 Advertise MSN Controller with your friends! Tell them about it! )
  • The general MSN functions and information about your account.
  • Like changing your status, showing the service you logged on and more tools.What's new
  • Supports Win XP now!
  • Integrated Character Map of Liquibyte's NFO Viewer for use with the Nickname Constructor
  • Ability to change the name to the time
  • New default skin: B-Studio, the most downloaded
  • Updating the online list
  • Anti-crash tool (protection against the kicktool of msnC and others)
  • Updated descriptions
  • Forbidden Nickname Changer!
  • Fixed the skin bug when cancel was pressed
  • Updated login details
  • Link added to the MSN Controller FAQ on this site
  • check for update
  • Unavailable font changer!
  • New logo (created by Demonslayer)
  • Hide in systray when minimized
  • Made an installer of MSN Controller 2.0 with all the needed files
  • Inserted 1 easter egg. Try to find it!
  • Disabled multiple instances of the program at once.
  • Made an addon tool to import emails into your contact list from a txt file.
  • Collapsable details. Freeware Win All 3.2 mb
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