Linux Kernel 3.9 RC2

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News del 11 Marzo 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.9 RC2
Note di rilascio:

Hey, things have been reasonable calm. Sure, Dave Jones has been messing with trinity and we´ve had some excitement from that, but Alis back, and is hopefully now busy virtually riding to the rescue on awhite horse. But otherwise it´s been good for this phase in the rcwindow.

The diffstat is reasonably flat (good sign), with wireless networkdrivers standing out. And that´s mainly due to a new driver for theASIX AX88179_178A USB gigabit controller.

Other than network drivers, we´ve got some drm updates, md and gpio,btrfs, etworking, arm, sound.. Stuff all over the place, but nothinghorribly scary. Considering that some rc2´s are too big to post ashortlog for, I´m happy.

And let´s just keep it that way, ok?

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