Linux Kernel 3.8

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News del 19 Febbraio 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.8
Note di rilascio:

The release got delayed a couple of days because I was waiting for confirmation of a small patch, but hey, we could also say that it wasall intentional, and that this is the special "Presidents´ DayRelease". It sounds more planned that way, no?

Anyway, the really good news is that things calmed down a lot on thelast week. There are noticeably fewer commits, and they are also allquite small. The few commits with more than just a couple of linestend to be due to a couple of reverts, and two architecture patcheswhere some identifiers got renamed (tile), or some defines got movedfrom the uapi file to a private header (x86). And there´s one radeonpatch that uses a helper function instead of reading bytes directly.

And even those "bigger" patches weren´t really that big.

There was a pending btrfs fix that might have merited another -rc, butinstead of delaying things I just didn´t pull that one at all, andwe´ll just do it as a stable patch instead. It´s not even a newproblem anyway.

Anyway, thanks to everybody who kept last week calm.

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