Linux Kernel 3.7 RC5

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News del 12 Novembre 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.7 RC5
Note di rilascio:

It´s been another week (modulo timezone differences), so -rc5 is out there.

This is quite a small -rc, I´m happy to say. -rc4 was already fairly calm, and -rc5 has fewer commits still. And more importantly, apart from one revert, and a pinctl driver update, it´s not just a fairly small number of commits, they really are mostly one-liners. The diffstat looks quite nice and flat.

The updates are
 - arch (sparc, arm/arm64 and s390)
 - drivers (drm, mmc, net, pinctrl, hid, sound, hwmon, pci)
 - misc (net, akpm, xen, virtio, modules and crypto)
 - filesystem (gfs2, xfs and cifs)

but it´s really all pretty small.

Shortlog appended.

Please test - although I´m hopeful that it´s quiet because things are in good shape, I´d like to get that verified.

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