Linux Kernel 3.6 RC1

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News del 04 Agosto 12 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.6 RC1
Note di rilascio:

Note di rilascio:

Another almost-two-weeks, another merge window over and done with.

Yeah, it´s actually only just over 12 days since 3.5 was released, but I hate the people who send me last-minute pull requests, so I like pulling the rug out from under people who plan on doing their pull request in day 13 of the 14-day merge window. If that was your plan, screw that.

But perhaps more importantly, this time I also have some vacation travel coming up, and I had the choice between keeping the merge window open for the full 14 days and pushing out -rc1 from the airport (free wifi at pdx!), or just closing it early and have a day and a half to perhaps fix up details before leaving. I obviously chose the latter.
I tried to notify people who had been good and had lots of stuff pending in linux-next in a timely manner, so this doesn´t come as a surprise to some of you. And I don´t think we really missed any big merges - this -rc1 is slightly smaller than the previous couple of merge windows if you look at number of commits, but so was linux-next. I think it is the summer effect, although we´re  talking about less than a 10% difference.

I do have two more pull requests that are at least tentatively pending: there´s the uapi header file disintegration from David Howells and the tcm_vhost merge from Nicholas Bellinger, both of which came in in time. So I´ll take another look at those later. The pain of another header file revolution doesn´t excite me, but we´ll see.
Anyway, on to the stuff merged. As usual, even the shortlog is too big to usefully post, but there´s the usual breakdown: about two thirds of the changes are drivers (with the CSR driver from the staging tree being a big chunk of the noise -christ, that thing is big and wordy even after some of the crapectomy).

Of the non-driver portion, a bit over a third is arch (arm, x86, tile, mips, powerpc, m68k), and the rest is a fairly even split among fs, include file noise, networking, and just "rest".

I´m appending my "merge shortlog", and I´d like to point out that the person listed is the person I get the pull request from, which is *not* about authorship, but just about who I ended up getting stuff from. And I notice that my shell script to generate this missed stuff like my merge of Andrew´s patch-bombs, because they look different from the normal git merges. But maybe this gives people at least *some* kind of overview of what kinds of things got merged/updated.
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