Linux Kernel 3.17 RC6

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News del 22 Settembre 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.17 RC6
Linux è un popolare sistema operativo open source creato da Linus Torvalds

Note di rilascio:

It´s been quiet - enough so that coupled with my upcoming travel, this
might just be the last -rc, and final 3.17 might be next weekend.

Of course, that still depends on what happens - if we have something
scary coming up next week, I may have to delay things. But as it looks
right now, we´re all good to go.

The shortlog is appended, but the view from ten thousand feet is
pretty normal: a bit more than half is drivers (gpu, sound, iio,
media, usb), just under a third is arch updates (arm, mips, x86), and
the rest is mainly filesystem updates (gfs2, cifs, btrfs, nfs).

Nothing particular stands out, and I´m not aware of any big pending
issues either. So please go out and test, because this *should* all be
pretty close to release.

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