Linux Kernel 3.15 RC6

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News del 23 Maggio 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.15 RC6
Linux è un popolare sistema operativo open source creato da Linus Torvalds

Note di rilascio:

Due to travels and related lack of internet access, the rc releases
havenīt been following the normal Sunday release cycle, and since I
caught up with what happened while I was off-line, rather than wait
until next Sunday to reset to the normal cycle, Iīm just releasing rc6
now mid-week from Tokyo.

With rc5 being a couple of days early, and rc6 being several days
late, we had almost two weeks in between them. The size of the result
is not twice as large, though, hopefully partially because itīs
getting late in the rc series and things are supposed to be calming
down, but presumably also because some submaintainers just didnīt send
their pull requests because they knew I was off-line. Whatever the
reason, things donīt look bad.

The patch distribution looks pretty normal too. Mostly drivers (acpi,
sound, media, i915, clk, pci..) with the bulk of the rest being
various arch updates (notably MIPS, but arm and parisc too). And a
smattering of other random stuff in filesystems and core kernel code.

Anyway, depending a bit on what else is pending, Iīll probably stretch
out rc7 to get back to the normal Sunday schedule, and depending on
how things look by then that may or may not be the last rc.

But please do test this,

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