Linux Kernel 3.14 RC7

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News del 17 Marzo 14 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.14 RC7
Linux è un popolare sistema operativo open source creato da Linus Torvalds

Note di rilascio:

What a difference a week makes. In a good way. A week ago, cutting
rc6, I was not a happy person: the release had much too much noise in
it, and I felt that an rc8 and even an rc9 might well be a real

Now it´s a week later, and rc7 looks much better. Yeah, there´s random
stuff all over (biggest contribution: networking, both core and
drivers), but it´s a lot smaller than rc6, and none of it makes me
feel unhappy. Pretty much all the patches are tiny, and I think the
patch that removes the old useless x86 Centaur OOSTORE option is
probably the biggest in the lot of them. And the only other patch that
migth challenge it in size is also just removing code ("r8152: disable
the ECM mode").

Now, things might change, and maybe next week ends up being another
ugly week, but with some luck that won´t happen and this is the last

Go out and test. It all looks good..

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