Linux Kernel 3.11 RC5

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News del 12 Agosto 13 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 3.11 RC5
Linux è un popolare sistema operativo open source creato da Linus Torvalds

Note di rilascio:

Sadly, the numerology doesn´t quite work out, and while releasing the
final 3.11 today would be a lovely coincidence (Windows 3.11 wasreleased twenty years ago today), it is not to be.

Instead, we have 3.11-rc5.

Which is showing signs of calming down, and is noticeably smaller thanprevious rc´s (both in number of commits and in size of patch). Let´shope that trend isn´t just a fluke.

There really doesn´t seem to be anything major here. The radeonchanges are likely the most noticeable, but many of them are for thedynamic power management that is still off by default.. Other thanthat, misc media fixes, arch updates, some small filesystem updatesetc. Nothing really stands out.

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OS: Linux

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