Linux Kernel 2.6.28

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News del 30 Dicembre 08 Autore: Gianplugged
Linux Kernel 2.6.28
Linux 2.6.28 Happy holidays..
commit c20137fc5329eaf24093fc48c52608dc66be8e5c
Merge: 1806f82... 231ffc9...
Author: Linus Torvalds <>Date: Wed Dec 24 10:24:52 2008 -0800 Merge branch ´for_linus´ of git:// * ´for_linus´ of git:// V4L/DVB (9920): em28xx: fix NULL pointer dereference in call to VIDIOC_INT_RESET command V4L/DVB (9908a): MAINTAINERS: mark linux-uvc-devel as subscribers only V4L/DVB (9906): v4l2-compat: test for unlocked_ioctl as well. V4L/DVB (9885): drivers/media Kconfig´s: fix bugzilla #12204 V4L/DVB (9875): gspca - main: Fix vidioc_s_jpegcomp locking. V4L/DVB (9781): [PATCH] Cablestar 2 I2C retries (fix CableStar2 support) V4L/DVB (9780): dib0700: Stop repeating after user stops pushing button
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