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News del 15 Luglio 08 Autore: Gianplugged
A tre mesi circa dalla versione 2.6.25 Linus Torvalds ha annunciato il nuovo kernel Linux 2.6.26:

So it´s been almost three months since 2.6.25 (87 days to be exact, I
think), making this a longer-than-usual release cycle. Or maybe it just
feels that way, and we´re always getting close to three months these days.
But it´s out there now. Or rather, the git tree is out there, and the
patch/tar-ball is still uploading as I write this.
The diffs from -rc9 are pretty small, with with the bulk actually being
Documentation updates (almost 80% is just added docs). The rest tensd to
be one-liners for some regressions or otherwise pretty small patches.
Several regressions did get fixed in the last few days, thanks to
everybody involved.
dirstat since -rc9: 3.3% Documentation/networking/ 78.5% Documentation/ 2.5% arch/ 2.4% drivers/net/wireless/ 4.0% drivers/net/ 2.0% drivers/usb/host/ 2.1% drivers/usb/ 9.4% drivers/ 2.0% fs/ 3.6% net/
and dirstat for the whole release since 2.6.25 (yeah, Documentation
doesn´t even show up in the latter :^): 4.9% arch/arm/ 9.0% arch/powerpc/configs/ 11.8% arch/powerpc/ 28.7% arch/ 5.0% drivers/media/video/ 9.2% drivers/media/ 5.5% drivers/net/sk98lin/ 6.6% drivers/net/wireless/ 17.8% drivers/net/ 4.8% drivers/s390/net/ 5.3% drivers/s390/ 49.7% drivers/ 6.4% include/ 5.1% net/
Have fun,	Linus
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