LimeWire Basic 5.4.0 Beta

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News del 31 Ottobre 09 Autore: Gianplugged
LimeWire Basic 5.4.0 Beta

# New features:

* Video support to watch a file in LimeWire for Windows and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. If LimeWire is unable to play due to a missing codec, your default system video player loads.
* Inadvertent file sharing updates to ensure users understand what is shared.
* Uploads and downloads appear in the transfer tray.
* The transfer tray is automatically hidden by default when there aren´t any transfers; you can change the setting in Options.
* Added a nubbin to the transfer tray (a nubbin is the little thing you select to drag).
* Check downloads to see whether it is dangerous before previewing.
* Hide some file types by default associated with spam.
* Search suggestions based on files from Friends are stored in database now, which reduces the memory footprint for large libraries of your friends.
* Improvements in search suggestions from Friends based on what files they share with you.
* Improvements in the way search results are sorted by relevance.
* Displaying the LimeWire Store button only in locations where you can use the LimeWire Store.
* File information/properties dialog box is redesigned.
* Select different language in the View drop down menu.
* Update to the Options.

# Mac Specific:

* Add the LimeWire Home Screen and the LimeWire Store icon when using Snow Leopard and running in 32 bit mode.
* Allow you to add folders to the Library or lists.
* Title Options dialog box to ´Preferences´.
* Add an option in the Preferences to associate LimeWire as the default application for all torrent files.
* Add an OS X style dialog so you can select multiple files and folders at once.
* Fix a problem which prevented you from deleting multiple files from your Library or Shared lists.

# Bug fixes:

* Fix ´why´ hyperlink in Advanced Tools.
* Allow LimeWire to locate a file on disk with a comma in the file name.
* Check the file name length in the file rename.
* Add option to remove all property files during uninstallation.
* Fix uninstaller bug when still running LimeWire.
* Prevent ability to start a torrent download if you unselected all files in the Torrent Prioritization dialog.
* Prevent ´Private Shared´ list from reappearing after a restart if you previously deleted the list.
* Prevent pop up menus from intermittently appearing as all gray.
* Fix sorting search results by the ´From column´ in Classic view.
* Work around a Windows bug which caused LimeWire to crash when playing or opening a file.
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