LimeWire Basic 5.2.3 Beta

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News del 27 Giugno 09 Autore: Gianplugged
LimeWire Basic 5.2.3 Beta

* No more sidebar and the Library is ´flatter´; files of different types are shown, but you can filter to see a specific type (for example, if you filter on Images, you see a thumbnail of images) .
* Introduced default Lists (Public Shared and Private Shared) along with the ability to create more lists.
* The Options dialog box was updated and includes additional ´Learn more´ links.
* Seeing what you are sharing by clicking "Sharing # files" to see ´What I´m Sharing´.
* Improved start up time.
* Added first sign on to Friends overlay messages.
* Downloads improvements.
* Numerous bug fixes for BitTorrent and the download tray.
* Browsing the files from multiple computers at once.
* Multi-select ability for search results.
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