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News del 12 Giugno 09 Autore: Gianplugged
LimeWire Basic 5.2.2 Beta
* Fix launching a video from the download tray.
* Fix a bug in which a completed torrent download vanishes.
* Show the download torrent in the Library.
* Enable ´Clear Finished´ link in the download tray when a torrent completes a download.
* Add a resume state for torrents so users see the proper status.
* Rebuild libtorrent library and update binaries.
* Fix wide character support (UTF-8) for torrents.
* Fix exceptions when using an Advanced Filter prior to any search results appearing.
* Fix column order problem when Advanced Filters were added and removed.
* Improve UI loading time.
* Detect the google:nosave feature and use it to turn off server side message logging when exchanging LimeWire custom messages.
* Properly store uptime values even upon unexpected closing of LimeWire.

* Fix Ivy settings.
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