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News del 09 Dicembre 02 Autore: Capoccione
KoolMoves è un prodotto semplificato per la creazione di immagini animate e strumenti destinati al web in formato Flash. - Added most of the Flash MX action script commands including all but one of the drawing commands. - Added more Flash 5 action script commands: with, break, literal function, XML, XMLsocket, type of, for/in, conditional operators, loadMovieNum, unloadMovieNum. - Added string dictionary for action scripts (not seen by the user) to enable smaller SWFs. - Added ability to collapse some of the important view dialogs into their title bars. - Added open and save file functionality to action script editor. - Added KBytes associated with scripting and ability to set the SWF Flash version to SWF File Statistics screen. - Added popup for shape selection when requesting properties for a group of shapes. - Added sub-pixel line widths (does not display at monitor resolution). - Added 2 new commands for increasing movie length. - Added saving of insert movie path. - Added saving of Score, Frames, Shapes popup states between sessions. - Added selectable text option to dynamic text properties. - Added ability in Score to copy shapes to next frame. - Added font name and style options for preloading message. - Implemented a more-Flash like selection behavior in Score popup. - Reorganized some menu bar items for greater clarity. - Removed restriction on negative letter spacing in Add Text dialog. - Fixed several selection problems involving groups. - Fixed minor problem with Add Text dialog affecting non-ANSI character sets. - Fixed problems with action script commands while, push, and array variable indices. - Fixed a hang problem in action script editor when a quote is missing. - Fixed problem of scroll bar remaining stationary when dynamic text object moves. - Fixed problem with selecting in Shape List and then trying to move the shape using arrow keys. - Fixed problem with transitions for nested groups.Shareware e Win All
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Licenza: Shareware

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OS: Win All

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