Knoppix V3.2 26/07/2003

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News del 27 Luglio 03 Autore: SonOfTheStage
Knoppix V3.2 26/07/2003
Rilasciata la nuova versione di una delle più famose distribuzioni Live-on-cd Ecco i cambi dalle precedenti versioni: V3.2-2003-07-26 - Bugfix: downgraded pppconfig from 2.2 to 2.1 to fix DNS problem with DSL - Use 12pt font in mozilla - latex-ttf-fonts for lyx-qt - added another audigy PCI ID -> emu10k1 driver - changed keyboard layout in XFree to pc105 to for better german keyboard support in non-KDE desktops - disabled floppy automounter-support for floppyless PCs * V3.2-2003-07-25 - workaround atempt for erraneouos DNS update script of pppconfig 2.2.0 - dma bootoption now also enables DMA for CD-Roms - enable Promise controller softwareraid on boot (Kernel 2.4.21) - added atmel drivers for wireless cards * V3.2-2003-07-24 - lots of package updates (KDE, koffice) - knoppix-install from Fabian Franz - switched to cloop V1.0 kernel module and file format - Kernel 2.4.21
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: OpenSource / GPL

Dimensioni: 693,8 Mb

OS: Linux

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