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News del 09 Novembre 02 Autore: Antares
KillaFing è un programma di controllo dei popup e dei cookies dedicato all'uso con Internet Explorer, dalla versione 5 in poi. KillaFing is a popup and cookie killing engine. It supports the killing of cookies plus miscellaneous cookie tools, privacy tools, window alpha-blending for Windows 2000/XP, system-wide hotkey support, and miscellaneous extras. KF 3 now kills popups (and possibly adverts/banners in a future release) at a much lower level, so they don't even get a chance to load or appear. What's new
  • Added: Cookies can now be removed using Kill Filter
  • Added: Check For Update option
  • Fixed: The Cookie Viewer crashing when the Cookies directory wasn't found
  • Fixed: There was a potential memory leak
  • Other: Rewrote part of the core as it wasn't returning the Cookies/MyDocuments paths on some Win95/98 setups
  • Other: KillaFing's sounds are now part of Windows' Sound Scheme. Use the Control
  • Sounds applet to edit them
  • Other: More search engined shortcuts; there are now 36 in total
  • Other: Updated popup/cookie definitions and manual Freeware Win All
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