KeePass Password Safe 1.04

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News del 03 Gennaio 06 Autore: Alberto
KeePass Password Safe 1.04
Nuova release finale di questo programma per la gestione delle password che vengono salvate sul disco con i classici algoritmi AES e TWOFISH.06/01/02 - 1.04 - Added dialog that lets you select an entry if multiple entries match the current window when pressing the global auto-type hotkey (previously KeePass always just used the first entry that matched, now you can select the right entry) - An entry now can have multiple Auto-Type-Window strings - User input is now blocked while KeePass is auto-typing - URLs in note fields are clickable now (including entry preview window) - KeePass now supports all protocols in URLs that delimit the protocol prefix and the address using '://' - Default auto-type sequence for TAN entries now is {PASSWORD} - Added option to show TANs in a more simple list view - Added option to show TAN indices in entry titles - TANs are marked as used/expired when auto-typing them - Fixed a bug that prevented several auto-type codes from working - New auto-type code: {CLEARFIELD} clears the contents of the edit control that currently has the focus - On Windows 2000 simple asterisks are displayed now instead of black dots as on Windows XP - Added option to exit the program instead of locking the workspace after the specified time - Added option to open a database in read-only mode - Added error code for 'key-file not accessible' - Context menus in the main window now popup lightning fast - Added filename filters for single group exports - CHM documentation file now supports full-text search - Added version compatibility page to the CHM documentation - Replaced duplicate 'user' icon by a 'wireless' icon - For plugin developers: parameters of _OpenDatabase and _ChangeMasterKey are now passed to the plugin (pointer array) - Tray icon is recreated after Windows Explorer crashes (thanks to Kenneth Ballard for the patch) - Renamed '?' menu to 'Help' - Renamed 'Extras' menu to 'Tools' - Removed 'Print Group' command from 'Edit' in the main menu (use the context menu of a group to print it) - Changed menu accelerator key to close the database to Ctrl-W - Removed 'Open License' and 'Print License' from 'Help' menu - Moved program options from 'Edit' menu into 'Tools' menu - Improved main menu (fixed dots, item positions, ...) - Added option to override entry URLs (URL-Override:) - Code fixes (KeePass should compile cleanly now with VC 2005) - Improved Unicode support (thanks to Norbert Schulze) - Changed font from MS Sans Serif to MS Shell Dlg - Translation files must now be UTF-8 encoded - Some dialog/lock timing improvements - Minor other improvementsTraduzione italiana
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Licenza: Open Source

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OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP/Longhorn

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