KeePass Password Safe 1.0

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News del 04 Giugno 05 Autore: RostoR
KeePass Password Safe 1.0
Dopo 18 mesi i programmatori sono lieti di annunciare la release finale di questo programma per la gestione delle password che vengono salvate sul disco con i classici algoritmi AES e TWOFISH.05/06/05 - 1.00 - Changed window activation routine for the Auto-Type command - Minor improvement to the checkboxes in the advanced options - Added short 'first steps' KeePass usage tutorial to the CHM - Extended and updated CHM manual - The automatic random password generation for new entries is optional now - Moved 'workspace cannot be unlocked' message to the status bar (instead of displaying it in a message box) - Improved window repositioning code (window position and size is now remembered over different desktop screen resolutions) - Added option to exclude backup entries in quick searches - Fixed default Y-splitter position (used when no INI present) - Fixed a bug which caused the toolbar to be displayed incorrectly after a second database has been opened when being in single-instance mode and having the first db locked - Fixed a bug which could make KeePass show an empty expired entry list dialog when opening a new database - Fixed a bug that could crash KeePass when changing the UI language while the single instance option is enabled - Shift-Home and Shift-End don't clear secure edit controls any more when being in non-protected mode - Clearing out the date/time fields completely results in default values instead of invalid dates/times - You cannot enter invalid dates/times any more - Renamed the long traying command string to "Tray/Untray" - Added -ext: command-line parameter; parameters that start with -ext: are not parsed by KeePass and can therefore be used by plugins for example - Added 6 and 12 months to pre-defined expiry intervals list Tnx alefTraduzione italiana
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