KeePass Password Safe 0.99c

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News del 15 Maggio 05 Autore: Alberto
KeePass Password Safe 0.99c
Nuova release per KeePass Password Safe, un software rilasciato sotto licenza open source che permette la gestione delle password che vengono solvate su disco crittografando l'archivio con gli algoritmi AES e Twofish. Non è certamente una novità un simile software, ma mi ha colpito per le dimensioni ridotte, la completezza della gestione e non ultimo il fatto che è tradotto in italiano.Changelog: 05/05/14 - 0.99c - Added new secure edit controls (if enabled, no password edit control spies can read out the text of the control; the password isn't even visible in the process memory of KeePass) - Added option to specify a default expire interval (new entries can expire in N days by default, see options dialog) - Added single instance option - Added button right of the expiry edit control to select common expire intervals (like 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.) - Added command-line option to pre-select a key-disk (switch -preselect:, you'll get prompted only for the password) - Made single click tray icon optional (default is double-click but you can set it to a single left click in the advanced options dialog) - Added button to the database settings dialog to calculate the number of rounds that lead to a 1-second delay - The CSV import routine now supports local ANSI _and_ UTF-8 - Changed order of fields in exported CSV files (to make it compatible with the import-CSV routine) - CSV files with non-encoded empty fields (i.e. ',,' instead of ',"",') are supported now - KeePass now doesn't crash any more when importing CSV files that contain empty strings - Password show/hide flag isn't cleared automatically any more after generating a random password using the password generator - You can now select groups by pressing the initial character of the group name (i.e. if you have a group named 'Test', pressing the 'T' key while the tree control has the focus will select the 'Test' group - Improved key releasing code (executed before auto-typing) - Added tooltips for the password asterisks masking buttons - Fixed a bug which marked the database as non-modified when opening and closing an entry without changing something - Changed fonts for the password edit controls and show/hide behind asterisks buttons (Windows XP password look) - The options are now saved immediately after closing the options dialog (before, the options were saved at exit) - Changed code for apostrophes (') from apos to #39 (the Internet Explorer doesn't support the correct apos code...) - The enhanced clipboard routines now work correctly together with TAN entries - Added an option to the 'find' dialog to specify if KeePass should include the entries in the 'Backup' group in the search results or not - You can now use the 'Delete' key to delete entries - Fixed some minor problem with the 'higher ANSI characters' string in the password generator - Added KPM_SAVEDB_POST plugin message (allows developers to create file backup plugins) - KeePass now creates backups of deleted entries automatically, if you've enabled the entry backup option - The 'KeePass' directory in the users application config path is only created if KeePass really requires write access to it - The entry preview window is now cleared when the password list is updated without specifying a selection - Removed hyperlink edit controls (leaked GUI objects) - KeePass now shows external windows in their default window positions and sizes - Title banner in the 'find' dialog shows the selected group - Inapplicable checkboxes in the 'find' dialog are disabled now when searching in a group - Added help link to the database settings dialog - Cleaned up the about dialog - Minor command-line improvements - Minor usability improvements in the options dialog - Several minor UI improvements Traduzione in italiano
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source

Dimensioni: 435 Kb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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