KeePass Password Safe 0.98b beta

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News del 27 Febbraio 05 Autore: Alberto
KeePass Password Safe 0.98b beta
Nuova release per KeePass Password Safe, un software rilasciato sotto licenza open source che permette la gestione delle password che vengono solvate su disco crittografando l'archivio con gli algoritmi AES e Twofish. Non è certamente una novità un simile software, ma mi ha colpito per le dimensioni ridotte, la completezza della gestione e non ultimo il fatto che è tradotto in italiano.Changelog: 05/02/26 - 0.98b - Implemented plugin architecture - Added global auto-type hot key (just press some hot key combination to make KeePass enter the login information, you can set the key combination in 'Edit - Options - Setup', the default hot key is Ctrl-Alt-A; see manual for more info) - Added option to lock a database using a password _and_ a key-disk together, i.e. you need both to unlock your database - Added full XP theme compatibility - Updated CHM documentation and the KeePass homepage - The column sizes and splitter positions are now remembered when KeePass is in maximized mode - Toolbar and statusbar are now updated after a quickfind - User cannot add a search-results group himself any more - Fixed a problem in the auto-type feature when typing long strings - Improved error messages for opening and saving files (not just telling that something failed, but why it failed) - Fixed some window bugs, which could occur after using the auto-type feature (small window and always-on-top failure) - Improved UTF-8 support for all import formats - KeePass now releases the Ctrl key for you before auto-typing - Entry preview window is cleared after a find or quickfind - When a restart is needed (for example after changing the 'disable security-critical commands' option), KeePass first asks the user to save all data before restarting (avoiding a hidden KeePass window in the background) - KeePass uses the users directory to store the INI file, if there is no INI file in the application directory and the application directory is write-protected - Improved CSV export (escapes special characters now) - The delete-entry toolbar button works again - Improved, more secure copy-to-clipboard functions (blocking clipboard monitors and paste-once-only functionality; thanks to Gabe Martin for contributing the code!) - It's possible now to disable the expiration time of an entry - The entry-moving routines should now be a bit faster - New help hyperlinks in the add-entry dialog about URLs and the auto-type feature - Bugfix: the date field in the add-entry dialog didn't allow days greater than 28 - Improved tab orders in some dialogs - The auto-type sequence and auto-type window definition lines are now removed before copying the contents of the notes field to the clipboard - The clipboard is now cleared when the database is closed or the workspace is locked - All dialogs are now positioned relatively to their parent instead of being centered in the full screen area - Improved the TAN wizard (you can assign consecutive numbers to the TANs now, if you wish) and fixed some bugs in it - More clear "save before close/lock" message box title - KeePass now first tests if the configuration file (.ini) is accessible before trying to write to it Traduzione in italiano
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Open Source

Dimensioni: 703 Kb

OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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