KeePass Password Safe 0.98a beta

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News del 22 Novembre 04 Autore: Alberto
KeePass Password Safe 0.98a beta
Nuova release per KeePass Password Safe, un software rilasciato sotto licenza open source che permette la gestione delle password che vengono solvate su disco crittografando l'archivio con gli algoritmi AES e Twofish. Non è certamente una novità un simile software, ma mi ha colpito per le dimensioni ridotte, la completezza della gestione e non ultimo il fatto che è tradotto in italiano.Changelog: 04/11/21 - 0.98a- Implemented auto-type feature (KeePass can minimize itself and type the username and password of the currently selected entry into dialogs, webforms, etc.) - Added ability to select the key-file manually (you can store multiple key-files on one disk now) - New CHM documentation file (many features are documented now) - You can now use command-lines in the URL fields, just prefix the command-line using cmd://, so if you would like to execute Notepad: cmd://C:WinNTNotepad.exe; the cmd:// protocol allows using parameters, in contrast to file:// - Added hotkeys for hiding/showing the passwords (Ctrl+H) and user names (Ctrl+J) - Bugfix: the toolbar is now updated after using the TAN wizard - Fixed all menu accelerator conflicts - Added "Find in group..." command to the groups context menu - KeePass now locks the workspace when pressing the Esc key in the main window - Added column view context menu to the header control of the password list - For the default action, the tray icon now accepts a single left-click instead of a double-click - Added ability of storing (hidden) meta-streams in the database, this will make future database format upgrades easier and old KeePass versions will be able to load databases created with a newer version, too - KeePass now remembers the complete UI state, i.e. the last selected and top visible group and the last selected and top visible entry (info saved in database, using meta-streams) - Added tooltip for quick-finder edit control in main window - URLs in the search group can be executed now - The entry preview window now uses the active system codepage instead of the fixed Latin-1 codepage (1252) - Fixed misleading caption in the change-master-password dialog - Fixed a minor CRLF issue in the entry preview window Traduzione in italiano
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Licenza: Open Source

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OS: Win 9x/ME/2000/2003/NT/XP

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