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News del 27 Settembre 02 Autore: Eymerich
Oltre ai blasonati firewall di Symantec e di McAfee,quanto prima sarà disponibile anche un analogo prodotto targato Kaspersky. Il prodotto è ancora in fase beta e per i partecipanti al testing sono stati messi in palio ricchi premi.Kaspersky Labs announces the release of the beta version for its new product Kaspersky™ Anti-Hacker and invites all those interested to take part in its public beta testing. Kaspersky™ Anti-Hacker is an easy-to-use system of defense against hacker attacks, ensuring maximum protection of personal computers running Windows operating systems. Thanks to its control of all network operations on a computer (it tracks all application activity, oversees all Internet access and filters incoming and outgoing data packets and more), Kaspersky™ Anti-Hacker guarantees the confidentiality of all stored data. The improved beta version has additional functions, including an additional level of security, a "self-learning" mode that has been added to the program's settings. In addition the program now can filter data on the application level (high level filtration), which allows the selection of specific applications for filtration. For each application it is possible to assign any amount of rules and when network operations are detected it is possible to deflect them. Users will be warned and can block any undesired actions. Rules are defined in two ways - by type (email, message transfer systems, browsers, conferencing software, etc.) and by the assignment of permitted remote services and addresses for each application. This allows, from one side, to ensure that applications are not interrupted and from the other it secures information stored on the computer from unauthorized outside access. Tnx to Guster
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