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News del 05 Febbraio 03 Autore: Alberto
Nuova versione - solo inglese - per questo popolare servent per la rete FastTrack.Queste le principali caratteristiche che la differenziano dall'originale Kazaa Media Desktop:
  • No SpyWare.
  • No AdWare.
  • No popups.
  • No banners.
  • No bitrate limits for MP3 files.
  • Customized startup page (can be changed to anything you want).
  • Unlimited times 'Search more' is possible.
  • Multi-source downloads now have a maximum of 40 simultanious sources (instead of 8).
  • 'Find more sources' is possible once every 1 minute per file (instead of every 10 minutes).
  • Partecipartion Level is set at a constant 1000 (can be disabled)
  • People to which you upload can't cut in line anymore regardless of their Participation Level. This improves the number of completed uploads and takes away the advantage that cheaters have.
  • No 3rd party dll files loaded anymore (TopSearch/BullGuard).
  • No more gold-colored search results (Altnet Inc).
  • Fixed Kazaa's error 1030 bug.
  • Shared files are scanned every 5 minutes (instead of every 1 minute) to save system resources. This can be changed to any value.
  • K++ can now be automaticly be started with Windows. Disabled by default.
  • My Shared Folder is located on the system drive by default (usually C:My Shared Folder). This can be changed to another location easily in Kazaa Lite options.
  • Shortcuts to My Shared Folder are now dynamic. They will always work, regardless of the location of your shared folder.
  • Build in AutoSearchMore feature.
  • Build in K++ Configuration tool.
  • Unreachable sources (network IPs) are no longer stored in the .dat files.
  • Search history can be cleaned automaticly when closing Kazaa Lite.
  • Add-on tools can be started from within the program.
  • Sig2Dat quicklinks are added directly to the download list. No need to restart Kazaa Lite.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts.
  • Includes the Sig2Dat tool (version 3.11a)
  • Includes the Dat View tool (version 1.1)
  • Includes the AVI Preview tool (version 0.21a)
  • Includes the Speed Up tool (version 2.0.1)
  • Includes the pTrack tool (version 2.1)
  • Includes the Kazap tool (version 0.3b)
Data: 05/02/2003
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Licenza: Freeware

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OS: Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

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