KDE 4.11 Beta 2

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News del 29 Giugno 13 Autore: Gianplugged
KDE 4.11 Beta 2
KDE (K Desktop Environment) è un ambiente desktop moderno con trasparenza di rete nato per le workstation UNIX, che cerca di realizzare un desktop semplice da usare e simile agli ambienti OS X e Windows.

Note di rilascio:

Today KDE released the second beta of the new versions of Workspaces, Applications, and Development Platform. With API, dependency and feature freezes in place, the KDE team´s focus is now on fixing bugs and further polishing.

The 4.11 releases include the following highlights and more:

Qt Quick in Plasma Workspaces—Qt Quick is continuing to make its way into the Plasma Workspaces. Plasma Quick, KDE"s extensions on top of Qt Quick, allow deeper integration and more powerful apps and Plasma components. One of the central Plasma widgets, the task manager, was completely rewritten in Plasma Quick. It got quite a few bug fixes on its way to the new QML version. The Battery widget was overhauled. It now shows information about all the batteries (e.g. mouse, keyboard) in a system. And the battery icons can now show a finer-grained load-status.

Faster Nepomuk indexing—The Nepomuk semantic engine received massive performance optimizations (e.g., reading data is 6 or more times faster). Indexing happens in two stages: the first stage retrieves general information (such as file type and name) immediately; additional information like MP3 tags, author information and similar is extracted in a second, somehow slower stage. Metadata display is now much faster. In addition, the Nepomuk backup and restore system was improved. The system also got new indexers for documents like odt or docx.

Kontact improvements—Kontact got a faster indexer for its PIM data with improvements to Nepomuk, and a new theme editor for email headers. The way it handles email images now allows it to resize pictures on the fly. The whole KDE PIM suite got a lot of bug fixes, such as the way it deals with Google Calender resources. The PIM Import Wizard allows users to import settings and data for Trojita (the Qt IMAP email client) and all other importers were improved as well.

KWin and Path to Wayland—Intial experimental support for Wayland was added to KWin. KWin also got many OpenGL improvements including support being added for creating an OpenGL 3.1 core context and robustness from using the new functionality provided by the GL_ARB_robustness extension. Numerous KWin optimizations are aimed at reducing CPU and memory overhead in the OpenGL backend. Some desktop effects have been re-written in JavaScript to ease maintenance.

More improvements can be found in the 4.11 Feature Plan. With the large number of changes, the 4.11 releases need a thorough testing in order to maintain and improve the quality and user experience. Actual users are critical to maintaining high KDE quality, because developers simply cannot test every possible configuration. We´re counting on you to help find bugs early so they can be squashed before the final release. Please consider joining the 4.11 team by installing the beta and reporting any bugs.
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