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News del 13 Novembre 02 Autore: Rostor
KDE is a network transparent contemporary desktop environment for UNIX workstations. KDE seeks to fill the need for an easy to use desktop for Unix workstations, similar to the desktop environments found under the MacOS or Microsoft Windows. We believe that the UNIX operating system is the best operating system available today. In fact UNIX has been the undisputed choice of the information technology professional for many years. When it comes to stability, scalability and openness there is no competition to UNIX. However, the lack of an easy to use contemporary desktop environment for UNIX has prevented UNIX from finding its way onto the desktops of the typical computer user in offices and homes. UNIX dominates the server market and is the preferred computing platform for computing professional and scientists. Without UNIX the internet would not be. What's new:
  • A new Exchange 2000 plugin for the calendar / scheduling application
  • A desktop-sharing client server (KRfb) and client (KRdc) compatible with VNC
  • Support for common Microsoft character symbols (TM, bullet, smart quotes, etc.) in the HTML rendering engine
  • A file browser (Konqueror) plugin for displaying and/or setting meta-information about JPEG images (comments) and digital camera
  • Numerous enhancements to the translation tool (KBabel), such as mailing .PO files, a tag structure tool, rough translations in the catalog manager and automatic updates of the .PO header comment
  • Public key authentication support for kio_sftp
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