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News del 26 Gennaio 06 Autore: RostoR
Nuova versione aggiornata dei IIS Diagnostic Toolkit utilizzata per i server IIS, si tratta di un gruppo di programmi usati per la gestione e configurazione di IIS. Come potete vedere dai link nella pagina sono presenti tre versioni: 1) CPU x86 2) AMD64 3)IA64 IIS Diagnostics Toolkit The IIS Diagnostics Toolkit puts the most useful and current tools that IIS administrators and developers desire. The toolkit includes the following tools in one consolidated, easy to deploy download: • SSL Diagnostics 1.0: Diagnoses problems related to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) issues such as missing certificate private keys, incorrect IIS metabase bindings, or other common problems related to SSL failures. • Authentication and Access Control Diagnostics (AuthDiag) 1.0: Diagnose, check, and monitor permission or security problems for Web and FTP requests. • Exchange Server SMTP Diagnostics 1.0: Gathers data for your SMTP server that helps diagnose problems with DNS or other possible important SMTP failures. • Log Parser 2.2: Sifts through thousands of event viewer, IIS log files, Netmon captures, and various other log types. • WFetch 1.4: If you are concerned that the problem resides in your browser, then this is the tool for you. A graphical user-interface allows you to make a request to local or remote websites and see the raw HTTP request and response to diagnose problems. • Trace Diagnostics: Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003 has very detailed diagnostics information built in. With Trace Diagnostics, you can effectively use these diagnostics built-in by monitoring the requests to an IIS web server in real-time, or, follow a request throughout the IIS processing pipeline to find failure
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