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News del 30 Novembre 06 Autore: RostoR

Diver beta compatibili con il nuovo sistema operativo Microsoft Windows Vista per la categoria "mouse" Microsoft.


Known Issues
Microsoft is aware of the following current issues for Windows Vista and is working to resolve them.
  • During Setup, the title bar refers to the incorrect version (appears as version 6.0 but it should be 6.1). This presents no issue for use or installation.
  • The Magnify feature does not support Microsoft Windows Aero but will work when Windows Aero is turned off.
  • During Setup, your device may not be found in the device list; choose another device from the list to proceed. After installation, you can open Control Panel to select any missing device from the complete device list.
  • If you have the Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000, open Control Panel and select Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 to ensure functionality.
  • When using the latest Microsoft wireless keyboard or mouse receivers such as 27 MHz wireless technology, and not Bluetooth® wireless technology, the screen saver will not be automatically activated. This primarily applies to the Microsoft Windows Vista Premium and Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate editions.
  • Bluetooth First Connect wireless technology will not function when running Windows Vista.
  • Some software features, such as keyboard Hot Keys and advanced mouse functionality, are not supported and may not work with applications running at elevated privileges.
  • Some applications that previously supported horizontal scrolling may not work.
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