Inno Setup 5.3.8

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News del 20 Febbraio 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Inno Setup 5.3.8

Nuova versione stabile per quest´ottimo programma per la creazione di setup personalizzati di installazione che
hanno poco da invidiare a quelli professionali. Il programma è dotato di un´IDE che con pochi semplici passaggi permette di poter creare il setup di installazione.


* Added new [Setup] section directive: UsePreviousLanguage. When this directive is yes, the default, at startup Setup will look in the registry to see if the same application is already installed, and if so, it will use the language of the previous installation as the default language selected in the list of available languages on the Select Language dialog. Note that this directive does not change the language used by the Select Language dialog itself because it cannot assume that the current user understands the same languages as the previous user. UsePreviousLanguage must be set to no when AppId includes constants.
* On Windows Vista and newer, Uninstall no longer blocks system shutdown until the uninstallation has actually started. This should make the Windows 7 Logo Kit (which wrongly tests any .exe in the application directory including the uninstaller) happy when it tries to shutdown an Uninstall sitting on its confirmation prompt.
* On Windows NT and newer, PrivilegesRequired=lowest now has an additional effect: the uninstall info root key will always be HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and the "common" forms of the Shell Folder constants are always mapped to the "user" forms, even if administrative privileges are available.
* [Setup] section directive CreateUninstallRegKey may now be set to a boolean expression, which may contain calls to check functions. For example: CreateUninstallRegKey=not IsTaskSelected(´portablemode´). See the CreateUninstallRegKey documentation for details.
* The Preparing to Install wizard page now offers the user an option to directly reboot instead of just saying a reboot is needed. To trigger this option from a PrepareToInstall event function set its new NeedsRestart parameter to True.
* In the MinVersion and OnlyBelowVersion directives and parameters, .x is now treated the same as .0x when a major version of 5 or higher is specified. Thus, you now have the option of using either 5.01 or 5.1 to specify Windows XP. However, to maintain compatibility with existing scripts, 4.x will still be interpreted as 4.x0.
* Pascal Scripting: Added new PageIndexFromID support function.
* The online documentation available at now has an index and is searchable.
* QuickStart Pack changes:
- Added ISPP function StringChange.
- The ISPP documentation is now available online at
* The uninstall program´s version is now 51.(10)51.0.0.
* Minor tweaks.

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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Freeware

Dimensioni: 1.42 MB

OS: Windows

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