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News del 03 Settembre 10 Autore: Gianplugged
ImgBurn è un programma gratuito di masterizzazione per Windows in grado di masterizzare CD, DVD, HD DVD e Blu Ray. Supporta differenti tipi di file immagineinclusi BIN, ISO, CUE, IMG. MDS ecc.


* Added: Built in support for ´ATAPI iHBS´ drives for the auto booktype/advanced settins stuff.
* Added: Option within the installer to manipulate the registry key / GPO to do with allowing access to drives within a remote session.
* Added: New icons in Vista / 7 style (rather than the now ´dated´ XP look).
* Added: Workaround for a firmware bug in the ´Read Track Information´ command on the Asus DVD-E616P (FW: 1.04) drive.
* Added: An ´ImgBurn´ icon at the ´All Programs´ top level within the start menu (Only Windows Vista+).
* Added: Support for reading the layer break position from the image file descriptor within a Nero (NRG) image file.
* Added: Options that allow the user to override which info should be used to create the program´s internal disc layout info. (1 = TOC, 2 = Disc/Track Info, 3 = Disc Capacity (Basic single session/track!)) Buggy firmware on certain drives may benefit from using TOC info for DVD media rather than the now default Disc/Track Info.
* Added: Option to allow non compliant file/folder creation dates in the UDF file system (only applies to UDF 2.00+). Normally, the creation date must be before the modified/accessed date and it´s ´tweaked´ so that´s always true. (I take the ´Modified´ date to be the most important of the 3 as that´s what´s displayed in Explorer)
* Added: Workaround for LiteOn/Samsung drives that report an incorrect ´Logical Track Size´ for DVD-R/DVD-RW discs where the track size is 1 sector over being divisible (exactly) by 16.
* Added: Ability to read the layer break position (put in by Rimage software) from a special field in the ISO9660 PVD.
* Added: You can now opt to have the Explorer/Disc panes side by side (rather than stacked) in the Disc Layout Editor window.
* Added: When device enumeration of ´Auto Loaders´ is enabled, you can now choose which types to search for (Acronova / Primera Technology).
* Added: Option where you can configure the PreGap detection command order (1 = Read CD, 2 = Read SubChannel, 3 = Read CDDA).
* Added: Support for Primera Technology auto-loaders.
* Added: ´Underburning´ option to the ´Warnings´ group within the Settings. This will allow you to configure if the program should tell you that you can burn to a single layer disc and don´t need to use the double layer disc in the drive.
* Added/Changed: The program now warns you (by means of a log entry) if loading a project or queue file failed. (i.e. for ´Advanced´ mode, if a file/folder mentioned in the IBB no longer exists)
* Added/Changed: One extra method of generating and suggesting a volume name in Build mode when the user hasn´t entered one themselves.
* Added/Changed: Lots of error handling code to hopefully enable better (more useful) error reports from Eurekalog/madExcept.
* Changed: When loading the settings from an ini file (via the /SETTINGS CLI parameter), the program will attempt to load the settings from the registry if the ini file doesn´t exist (rather than just using the defaults).
* Changed: The ´Close´ -> ´Track´ tool now closes the last track on the disc (as reported by the disc information command) rather than being fixed on track 1.
* Changed: When the GUI font is set to ´Segoe UI´, the program now uses size 9 rather than size 8 (
* Changed: Switched to using madExcept for catching errors and sending logs instead of Eurekalog. (Just testing something out!)
* Changed: Updated to latest revision of the Explorer Treeview/Listview components used in the DLE window of Advanced Build mode.
* Changed: Using FastMM v4.92 memory manager again (like in rather than the Borland/CodeGear default one (like in Newer versions of FastMM have given odd access violations during the beta cycle so sticking with 4.92 for now.
* Changed: The DLE window now works on / remembers percentages rather than actual sizes for the explorer pane and folder treeviews - so they can be applied directly when switching from stacked to side by side view and vice versa.
* Changed: The installer wipes out the file splitting settings (due to new values being added to the list) - should have done this in but I forgot.
* Changed: Handling of DirectShow errors so that if anything fails when 0 bytes have been processed, you no longer have the option to call that the end of the file and continue.
* Changed: Moved the running of the Toolbar checker program (checks to see if the toolbar should be offered at all) to before the installer GUI loads - so now there´s no pause between pages.
* Changed: Re-wrote the installer so the Ask Toolbar gets installed along with the rest of the files (if it´s selected of course!) and not the second you click the ´Next/Install´ button on the toolbar offer page. (No freeze when clicking ´Next´ and looks nicer)
* Changed: Now using the ´MainFormOnTaskbar´ option (when running Vista+) so you can interact with the program properly via the taskbar. There are z-order issues with doing this but you´ll just have to live with them!
* Changed: Uniblue desktop (internet) shortcuts are now more obvious within the installer and are deselected by default. You can also pick to have just 1 of them if you so wish rather it being all or nothing.
* Changed: Uniblue links within the program itself are totally gone. (Everything is back to normal - phew!)
* Changed/Fixed: The keyboard shortcuts for switching modes and showing/hidings certain windows now use Shift+Ctrl+? instead of Ctrl+Alt+?. The Ctrl+Alt+? ones prevented certain letters from working on non-English setups.
* Changed/Fixed: The installer creates the uninstall.exe earlier on now so that it exists before the ´Uninstall´ shortcut gets created - fixes an issue where the shortcut doesn´t have the correct icon under Windows 7.
* Changed/Fixed: The user can now select if ´BiDiMode´ should be ´Left To Right´ / ´Right To Left´.
* Fixed: An internal table containing file system info during a Read/Verify operation was using an incorrect start LBA value for files when UDF 2.50+ was being used. (Only used when logging which file a certain bad sector belongs to)
* Fixed: ´Soft link´ (Symbolic link) files were added to Build mode compilations with a size of 0 rather than the size of the file they linked to.
* Fixed: The ´Include Reparse Point Files´ option wasn´t working in ´Standard´ build mode.
* Fixed: Potential infinite loop when an error occurs re-enabling media control notification (MCN).
* Fixed: Workaround for a Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero bug in the TComoboBoxEx component regarding the size of the drop down list, the ItemHeight and the DropDownCount.
* Fixed: The ´Write Queue´ window would open partially hidden behind the taskbar if it was aligned at the top of the screen.
* Fixed: Bug where an extra trailing backslash (´´) would be added to a BDAV/BDMV folder name when the program automatically created one as part of adding a ´known´ BD Video file to the compilation.
* Fixed: Wasn´t removing the file association ´OpenWithProgids´ registry values when uninstalling.
* Fixed: Invalid info in ´Write Speed Miscompare´ warnings in the log if the write speed is set to ´MAX´ and the commands used to set the write speed fail (i.e. due to DMA issues).
* Fixed: Taskbar button text swapping between 0% and x% when formatting a disc at the start of a DVD-RW burn when the Incremental write type is being used.
* Fixed: Reading a couple of track information flags (NWA_V and LRA_V) from the wrong byte in the information data (Doh!).
* Fixed: Bug in the DLE window where if you bring up the context menu on a certain item and then delete it, if you press the Delete key again you´ll get an Access Violation.
* Fixed: Explorer treeview/listview on DLE window were forcing ´Black´ as the text colour for the first column.
* Fixed: Mouse wheel scrolling bug in the Explorer style combobox component within the ´Disc Layout Editor´ window.
* Fixed: Couldn´t set ´Delete Incomplete Files´ (Settings -> Events) to ´No´.
* Fixed: (Hopefully) an issue where a thread could be created after they´re all supposed to have been destroyed and this then causes an access violation.
* Fixed: Bug that could prevent the new (in v2.5.1.0) MCN/ISRC subchannel scanning code from running.
* Fixed: Cancelling any of the prompts about building such and such a disc (or anything before ´Operation Started´ goes into the log) wouldn´t actually abort a build operation.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when performing a drag+drop operation and setting the drop description.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when parsing APE tags.
* Fixed: Potential access violation when connecting directshow filters fails.
* Fixed: Issues with pure ISO9660 images and file/folder names using double byte characters based on the system locale.
* Fixed: Issue in the Explorer style component (from MustangPeak) that caused a ´No Disk´ type of error to pop up when selecting ´My Computer´ in the treeview on the left.
* Fixed: Access violation when detecting regional code of DVD Video files if an IFO was missing from the set.
* Fixed: Potential ´Divide By Zero´ error as a result of another error which caused a thread runtime exception.
* Fixed: Potential infinite loop problem (due to odd drive response) when analysing track PreGaps.
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