Image for Windows 1.64d

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Image for Windows 1.64d
Programma simile a Partition Magic nella finalità, permette un backup ed un restore dei nostri dischi fissi e delle partizioni con il sistema operativo. Presente anche la traduzione italiana da scaricare a parte. Image for Windows Features: Simple, Wizard-driven interface -- Easy to use the first time, and every time. Total reliability -- Provides the option to verify each and every byte it backs up. Convenience -- Runs directly from Windows and when used with the free PHYLock™ add-on, it can create a true image of the Windows partition itself, without requiring a reboot. Maximum compression -- By default, maximum compression is applied to the drive images you create. Maximum speed -- If backup speed is paramount, you can bypass compression entirely. Optical drive support -- You can save directly to a CD or DVD disc. Bootable rescue discs -- Whenever you save directly to a CD or DVD, it will automatically become a bootable restore disc. Restore individual files or folders --Using the free TBIView add-on, you can view the contents of the drive image files, and optionally restore individual files or folders within them. Compatibility -- Automatically recognizes and backs up used areas of FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, and XFS partitions. Partitions with other file system types can be backed up in their entirety. Cost effectiveness -- Includes Image for DOS and Linux at no additional charge, making it a uniquely affordable and complete disk imaging solution. Flexibility -- Restore partitions, regardless of the file system on the partition being restored. This gives you the power to restore NTFS partitions from Windows 98 or even DOS (as just a couple examples). Wide-ranging device support -- Compatible with USB 2 and IEEE 1394 drives. Better yet, Image for DOS supports these drives directly, without requiring complicated driver installation. (Image for Windows simply uses the drivers already available under Windows.) Power -- Using the DOS or Linux versions gives you the ability to recover your data, even if Windows won't start. Network support -- Save backups to any drive accessible to Windows itself. RAID support -- Works seamlessly with on-board hardware and firmware based RAID. Command line support -- Powerful, complete command line support is built in, allowing you to automate backup or restore procedures. Image file validation --Allows you to check the integrity of the disk image files, either as part of the backup process, or at any time thereafter. Restored partition expansion -- When restoring an image, you can expand the restored partition to occupy any free space would be left over. Selectable image file sizes -- If desired, you can specify a maximum size for the disk image files that are created (to a maximum of 2,047 MB). This allows you to create image files that readily fit on the removable media of your chice.6 Luglio 2006Lingua italiana
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Categoria: Windows

Licenza: Shareware $ 34.95

Dimensioni: 3.64 Mb

OS: Win All

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