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News del 19 Gennaio 03 Autore: Canaro
A volte potrebbe capitare che qualche sito o qualche programma installato, vada a modificare delle impostazione nascoste del browser, inserendovi delle limitazioni; IE restrictions dovrebbe appunto individuarle e porvi rimedio permettendovi di ristabilire la situazione di default.IE Restrictions will remove most common restrictions that may have been set by a sleaze web site as well as other methods. I do not guarantee this will remove all types available as there are just too many to put in one program but this will take care of 24 of the most common ones. Of course you can also use it to set any restrictions you'd like to have on your PC. When starting the program it will check for any restrictions that are already set and place a check mark in the associated place. Items with checks are disabled with the exception of the "Custom Window Title". If something has added a custom title to your browser there will be a check in it. To remove the title simply remove the check. From the File menu you can either remove all restrictions on your Computer and/or reset your Home and Search pages to what they were originally (MSN) if something has changed them. This is a common practice of sleaze/scum web sites. Startup Items If you have removed restrictions, such as a hijacked Home or Search Page, and the problem returns after restarting your PC then there is probably something in one of your Startup items that resets it every time you startup. This is also a common practice of these guys. There are actually seven different ways of adding something to the Windows Startup process. If you need help finding the culprit you can use Camtech's Ultimate Startup Manager to find and remove them.
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