IBM drive fitness v3.00

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News del 26 Febbraio 02 Autore: Cānaro
Supports SCSI and IDE drives
Note: Currently, the Drive Fitness Test does not support IBM Microdrives or Travelstar E drives.

Analyzes drive fitness
Three modes of operation:
-- High confidence level Quick test (unmatched in the drive industry)
-- Full media scan
-- Exerciser
Performs real-time analysis of IBM drives to quickly determine whether the drive has a problem.
Identifies system problems such as cables, temperature, etc.
Automatically logs significant drive parameters to track potential impacts to the operation of the drive.

Restores drive fitness
Note: these utilities will overwrite customer data and allow repair of bad sectors.
Erase Bootsector utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Boot Sector)
Low-level format utility (use DFT Utility option: Erase Disk)
Filesystem-based Corrupted Sector Repair (use DFT Utility option: Corrupted Sector Repair)

Drive information
S.M.A.R.T. Operations for IDE hard disk drives

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