HD Cleaner v. 2.210

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News del 02 Ottobre 01 Autore: Cānaro
Ecco un interessante tool di pulizia freeware per rimuovere dal proprio hard disk una parte dei pur anche se piccoli, ma numerosi file inutili.
Molto interessante la possibilitā di eseguire pulizie anche ad eventuali HD di rete.

HDCleaner cleans up your hard drive (Win95/98/2000/NT/ME)

HDCleaner is a hard drive cleaner that you can use to remove space wasting files from your PC. It comes with a variety of presets that allow you to safely remove the most common files like .temp, .bak, gid and more. You can configure additional file types as well as custom folder locations. Upon scanning, HDCleaner presents you with a list of all found files, from where you can choose to delete all or only selected ones. Deletion can be permanent or via Windows recycle bin. The program also supports IE cookie, cache and browser history cleaning as well as MRU entries (Recent Documents, Search List etc.). Deleted files can be backuped as zip and restored on demand.
This program needs the Shell32.dll with at least version 4.71


HD Cleaner v. 2.210 - immagine 3ownload HDCleaner 2.210

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