Google Chrome Beta 5.0.366.2 (Win, Linux) 5.0.366.0 (Mac)

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News del 07 Aprile 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta 5.0.366.2 (Win, Linux) 5.0.366.0 (Mac)

The Dev channel has been updated to 5.0.366.2 for Windows and Linux, and 5.0.366.0 for Mac.


  • [r42843] Fixed a bug with incognito extensions like RSS Subscription. (Issue: 39351)
  • [r42400] Will no longer automatically offer to translate in incognito mode. (Issue:38107)
  • [r42981] Fix file upload code to not hang the HTTP session when the file is unreadable. (Issue: 30850)
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  • [r42411] Improvements to the bookmark manager (Issue: 39085)
  • [r42548] Re-enable pinned tabs; add support for mini and app tabs. (Issue: 36798)
  • [r43157] Fix selection issues with the cookie manager after deleting cookies. (Issue:33320)
  • Some minor UI changes in the omnibox.
  • Recent regressions in font rendering have been fixed.
Known Issues
  • The location bar is undergoing renovation. Please excuse our dust.
  • The bookmark bar is not visible on the New Tab Page, will be fixed in next dev channel. Temporary workaround to bring it back is to enable it with a keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+B".
Important Notes
WebGL support in Chrome now runs inside the security sandbox. If you
have been testing WebGL, please remove the --no-sandbox flag from your
Chrome options. WebGL may be enabled via the --enable-webgl command
line option.

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