Google Chrome Beta 5.0.360.4 (Win, Mac) 5.0.360.5 (Linux)

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News del 01 Aprile 10 Autore: Gianplugged
Google Chrome Beta 5.0.360.4 (Win, Mac) 5.0.360.5 (Linux)

The Google Chrome Dev channel has been updated to 5.0.360.4 for Windows and Mac and 5.0.360.5 for Linux.
This release includes:

  • An integrated Adobe Flash Player Plug-in. We´re integrating Adobe Flash Player (10.1 beta 3) with Google Chrome so that you don´t have to install it or worry about keeping it up-to-date. See the blog post on the Chromium blog for more details.

    To use the bundled Flash Player plug-in, add --enable-internal-flash to your command line or shortcut for starting Google Chrome.

  • A basic plug-in manager. The about:plugins page now lets you disable any plug-in from loading on all web pages. See the Known Issues section: this doesn´t work in all cases yet if you already have Adobe Flash Player for Windows Firefox, Safari, or Opera installed.
Known Issues:
  • On Windows, if you have Adobe Flash Player for Windows Firefox, Safari, or Opera installed, the Flash plug-in will still work in some cases even if you decline the license agreement (when using --enable-internal-flash) or disable the Flash plugin from about:plugins. We´re working on it.
  • If you disable (or enable) a plugin on about:plugins, your change does not take effect until you restart Google Chrome.
  • There is no bundled Adobe Flash Player plug-in for 64-bit Linux.

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